Best Everyday Lipsticks

Here is a list of my go-to lipsticks and review of each. They are perfect for every occasion,  whether it be to the office or to the night club!

My color IQ at Sephora is 3Y08, so more of a medium with yellow undertones, and I feel these all match my complexion.

On the left are the matte and satin finishes and on the right are sheer finishes.


1993 – Urban Decay comfort matte – $17

This is the perfect medium brown that can be dressed up or down. The formula is as titled, comfortably matte so your lips won’t feel like the Sahara Desert. It does transfer so I find I must reapply every 4 hours or so, especially if I have eaten or drinken anything. The product usually fades around the center of the bottom lip but does a very nice even fading so it does not look terrible if you don’t touch up in time.

Tampered – Urban Decay comfort matte – $17

This color has a more purple undertone and is described by UD as “deep mauve”. The formula is similar to 1993 as they are from the same line. I like to use this one when I want a bolder lip but nothing too vampy.

Veronica – Anastasia Beverly Hills – $20

This is a matte liquid lipstick so it’s not as quick and easy to swipe on and requires more precision. It is a taupe mauve color that is quite dark. In certain lighting it can look a little too gray for my liking. The color definitely dries darker than when it is first applied. It does take about 3 coats to get a solid color that is not streaky and can feel a bit like paint on your lips. The good thing about this one is that it does not transfer! Which means you can eat and drink to your hearts content without worrying about touch up! Since it is a bolder color, maybe save it for out of work hours.

Lolita – Kat Von D – $20

Hands down my favorite lipstick. It is the perfect Instagram-esque color, described as a “chestnut rose”. Even though it is a matte liquid lipstick, the color does transfer but not as much as the UD Vice lipsticks. When it fades,  it is a very nice gradual fade and reapplying doesn’t cause patchiness. I realize the swatch is a bit streaky so I’ve attached what it looks like on.img_4111

Brink – Colourpop – $5

Super cheap and super creamy formula. It is a dusty rose color with a satin finish and does transfer. The formula is a bit thick and the color has an orangey undertone so I always apply it sparingly and rub my lips together to distribute the color instead of drawing it fully on otherwise it looks like my lips are plastic. This product does have a weird effect of causing a white ring on the inner circle of your lips as you wear it over time. Make sure to really exfoliate before applying to prevent this.

Liar, Ex-Girlfriend – Urban Decay sheer – $17

Can you tell I like Urban Decay’s Vice lipsticks?? These two are perfect for the busy on-the-run girl that just wants a quick swipe of color. They are both sheer, nude pinks that transfer. Ex-Girlfriend is part of the limited edition Gwen Stefani line so you may still be able to swipe it up on sale at your local TjMaxx or Nordstrom Rack (I got mine for $10). I usually wear these two to work since I’m always running late and I can quickly swipe them on without a mirror. They don’t last quite as long (3-4 hours at most) so you do have to reapply more often but since it’s sheer, you needn’t worry about perfect application. I use it as more of it as a tinted chapstick!

N9 – Makeup Forever – $20

This is a “copper pink” that’s just universally flattering. Similar to Liar and Ex-Girlfriend you can just quickly swipe it on for a touch of color. Another great one for the office!


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