More ways to decorate Your College Apartment

So you’ve upgraded from tiny dorm room to an apartment. Now what? Unfurnished apartments can be just as drab as a dorm so here are some ways to spruce it up!

Add some fun shower curtains and shelving

Find cheap, glamorous shower curtains and rugs. Ikea is always an affordable place! I used this metal, adjustable shelving unit to hold towels and makeup.

Add Christmas lights

It adds to the ambiance and takes your room to the next level. The warm glow makes the room much cozier than white, florescent overhead lights.

Add mirrors

I am obsessed with mirrors. They reflect light in the room, making it look bigger and brighter. The combo of Christmas lights and mirrors creates that modern Pintrest-y look. I got 4 of these mirrors for $8 at IKEA. They can be arranged in different ways — I opted for this asymmetrical, checkered look.

Mobilize your TV

Your room is probably space sensitive so put your TV on a mobile shelf to move out of the way when you don’t need it. My TV is pretty petite but it helps save a lot of space. On the right is a picture of it wheeled out ft. my Christmas lights. Perfect setting for girls’ night!

Add some seating

IMG_3937If you have some counter space, add some cheap bar stools. My roommate made these three stools for $30 by buying some wood, foam, and fabric.


Check out my other tips for decorating your dorm!


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