Space Saving Closet Hacks

Living in a shoebox apartment comes with the wonders of a tiny closet so of course one must get creative when it comes to organization.

My closet is literally just a hole in the wall; it doesn’t even come with a door. So here are some tips to make the most of your space!

1. Use modular shelving

IMG_1309They’re rather inexpensive, lightweight, and versatile. Depending on the size and shape of your closet, you can build them to cater to your needs.

IMG_1312I noticed there was a lot of dead space under my hung clothes so I placed them beneath to make better use of that space.








2. Waterfall your hangers

You can either buy hangers with hooks on them already, buy cascading hooks, or DIY with soda can tabs. This helps you save room by utilizing vertical space as well as group your similar articles of clothing. IMG_1347IMG_1314








3. Use Command hooks

Again, making use of that vertical space. I used a command hook on the side of the inner wall to hang my purses.


4. Only hang things that wrinkle easily

Having a smaller closet requires some things be stored elsewhere, perhaps in a drawer. I usually store cotton type t-shirts, sweaters, etc material in drawers. Check out this folding technique to see how to efficiently save space in a drawer!


5. Hang novelty clothes flat against the wall

IMG_1350Normally, when you hang things in your closet, they hang perpendicular to the wall. BUT you can also hang things linear or flat against the wall as better demonstrated in the picture.

My closet comes with a caged shelf so I hang my suiting from it but you can also attach command hooks to the back wall and hang clothes from there. This saves room for your more used clothing front and center while tucking less touched items in the back.




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