Easy and Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Dorm

Dorms tend to be small and barren but you can liven it up with these easy tips!

It’s back to school season and as a poor college student, I have to find the most cost-friendly ways to decorate and feel more at home. Almost everything I used to decorate was under $10, thrifted, or used from family and friends. I figured everything in college is pretty temporary so why blow your money on something that you’ll only use for a year or two?

Add Mirrors

IMG_4889       IMG_4952

Mirrors will help open up your cramped space to make it appear larger and brighter since it reflects light. Don’t bother buying brand new mirrors, go thrifting! I got these mirrors for $9 at Savers as a 4 pack (of course I broke one). See how I hung them without damaging the walls.

Add Curtains


Use long curtains that go from the ceiling to the floor to create the illusion of a bigger window. I got these at IKEA for $4.99 and then strung some Christmas lights behind them for a warmer ambiance. See how I hung them without damaging the walls!





Cover Imperfects with Washi Tape

IMG_4877 IMG_4884

It’s a cheap and quick fix while adding some color to those dreary white walls. Get some at Micheal’s.

Decorate with Washi Tape

IMG_4902 IMG_4913

I lined my cupboards with tape to add an extra flair to the kitchenette. You can use it to decorate walls, shelves, or really anything that needs a little temporary boost of color.




Add Color with a Tapestry


Since you can’t paint the walls and removable wallpaper can be pricy, add color to your walls by hanging a tapestry. I got this one at Target for $9.99 and hung it up with command hooks.




Add Little Trinkets


Although it seems a little tedious, little decorations like this table cloth and center piece really adds that dimension of home. Whether it’s just a little plant in the window or statue on the side table, your room won’t look so barren and minimal. Again, go thrifting for these little pieces to keep costs down!

Check out more of my tips for decorating your apartment!


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