How to Hang Mirrors Without Damaging Walls

Command strips are the most genius idea but occasionally, they don’t stick to the surface of what you’re trying to hang. Some frames or mirrors have either a fabric backing or just a really smooth finish that the strips’ adhesive doesn’t stick to so what do you do?

The answer? Command Strips, nail polish, and tape


I got this 4 pack (I broke one) of mirrors brand new at Savers for $9; originally it’s from IKEA. The mirror has a smooth finish that the command strips would not for the life of me stick to, hence the breaking of one of the mirrors.

Enter the nail polish…

Instead of relying on the adhesive from the command strip, I glued the side of the strip that goes on the mirror with nail polish. I would recommend using super glue or something that is actually meant to be an adhesive but since I didn’t have any on hand, I used nail polish which ended up working just as well.

Basically, if the command strips don’t stick to the object, physically super glue one side of strip on but still use the other side of the strip as you normally would to temporarily stick to the wall. Although this means the strip will forever be stuck on your mirror or whatever you’re hanging, you can still relocate it later on by just swapping out the side with the no-damage, removable adhesive.


I used wash tape on the edges to give it extra support while still looking decorative.


If you look oh so carefully, you can see the I also used small pieces of clear Scotch tape to support the sides.

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