College Diaries

I had just finished up by first year of college this past spring and had kept a journal throughout the school year. Looking back through it now, it’s amazing to see how much can change within 8 months.


My earlier posts were about my reluctance and anxiety of starting college and my ending ones revolved around being sad to leave. It’s funny reading through and seeing the adventures I’ve had as well as my thoughts in that moment. Sure you can remember events but being able to read through your own thought process and reflecting and reliving those emotions is a whole other dimension. I wrote about my adventures with friends, impulsive decisions, and of course, my love life.

The best part I find about the whole thing is notion of people that come and go in my life. Here’s an excerpt on my feelings towards a guy I briefly dated.


He was such perfection and I struggled to find any flaws. He was everything I had hoped for and I left the date glowing and anxious from the caffeine.


One day he’ll be a distant memory that I won’t involuntarily think about. I do wonder what I’ll say to my next boyfriend about him and also what he’ll say about me.

Writing really helped me through my breakup and all the anxiety/stress from school. It helped me rationalize and process my emotions and I believe it’s a very healthy habit.

So I challenge you to keep a journal for a couple months or so and see how you grow and how much your life changes. Whether it be for mental processing or simply an account of your daily life, when you reflect back, you’ll realize some of the smallest details have the significance and the biggest crisis was just a little bump in the road.

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