My Denim Obsession

21 pairs. Twenty-one beautiful pairs of jeans and how many of them do I actually wear? About 5.


According to statistics, a woman owns on average 7 pairs of jeans. I understand I own 3 times the average number I should be owning but who is to say I shouldn’t? With my retail background, I got 40-60% off denim so naturally, I started to collect them.

I wear jeggings religiously. I live, breathe, and sleep in them, in fact, 17 out of my 21 pairs are jean leggings. There seems to be a negative connotation to them but I swear by these babies. They hug, mold, and stretch like yoga pants but have the look and texture of denim. What could be better than that?! You get the satisfaction of wearing tight pants but with the ability to breathe. It’s like your own little secret, but of course you can’t really hide anything in your pants considering they’re so tight. And let’s not fail to mention the “pockets”.

What do you think of jeggings and how many pairs of jeans do you own?

6 thoughts on “My Denim Obsession

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