Dear Best Guy Friend

It’s a centuries old debate about how guys and girls can’t be platonic friends. I have my two best guy friends whom I’ve had no romantic relations with that I love dearly. If any of you have had a platonic friendship with someone of the opposite gender, you’ll understand just how special they are.


Dear Best Guy Friend,

Thank you for…

Being there when I had my heart broken. 

You’ve listened to me rave on about the new guy I’ve been seeing and you’ve seen me head over heels. You hated acting like you didn’t care or that it didn’t bother you that I had a new man in my life but you stepped back and let me glow with infatuation anyway. I’m sure you hated him more for leaving me in such a mess but you stayed when he didn’t.

Looking out for me.

You’re the big brother I never had. You’re always making sure I’m okay and no one hurts me. God forbid you ever express your feelings but I know you’re always silently watching out for me.

Just being there.

Whether it be when I’m an emotional wreck or just craving fried pickles at 9pm. You’re always down to hang out and have a good time. I appreciate all of our shallow inside jokes and countless adventures, but most of all, I just appreciate spending time with you.

and lastly,

Thank you for restoring faith in me that I am capable of being loved. 


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