My Perming Experience

A year ago I was bored with my plain, straight, Asian hair and decided to get a perm. Now I under stand when you hear perm, you most likely think of something like this:


I got a waving perm, using medium curlers to give me a beachy wave look.

IMG_3541 perm

It was done at home by my aunt who is a professional and owns her own salon. I wouldn’t recommend doing this at home if you are not experienced however. This was the result:

IMG_3549 IMG_3550

It looks like ramen noodles, I know.

My hair was extremely dry for the first month or so due to the chemicals and was curlier than I wanted. It also was very brittle, frizzy, and lightened from black to a dark brown. Once the perm relaxed, about 2 months in, and my hair regained its moisture, it turned out to be a nice beach wave and looked as if I had curled it.

For the first couple months, I would scrunch it with Herbal Essence’s mousse to tame the frizzing and eventually, I could just wash and wear it with it looking as if I had just walked out of the ocean.


Excuse my face but, this is what it looked like 5 months later with no product or anything done to it and it would stay this way for the whole day. I had to shower in the morning and let it air dry to have nice, fresh, defined curls. If I slept on it, it would be less defined and some strands would be straight. Imagine what your 2nd day hair looks like when you curled it the day before, aka, unpredictable.

Would I do this again?

Probably. It’s a tad pricey and takes some patience to regenerate your hair to the point of wearable and not so poodle-esque but its very convenient for wash and wear. Did I mention it helps make fabulous messy buns?

Proceed with caution however; depending on your type of hair is how well the perm will take to it. I have coarse, straight, invincible hair so it tends to look pretty heathy regardless of how much chemical and heat I put it through. If you have thin or fine hair, your hair may not be able to bounce back and regain the healthy shine, leaving you with frizzy, dead hair. Some hair textures do not hold curls very well and may fall out. I took a risk with mine and it lasted for a good 6 months before my roots started growing in too much and the waves started to mellow out. I definitely would not touch it up and get a perm back to back as it is extremely damaging.

As of right now, I have chopped off my hair to a bob and am in the process of regrowing it again. I’m giving it a chance to regenerate before I decide whether I want to keep the sleek, straight look or go back to beachy waves.

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