7 months later

7 months ago, I had a breakup. It left me shattered and I wondered when I would ever pick myself up again. Flash forward. I was sitting on a park bench today talking with a buddy of mine when I realized, half a year ago, I was sitting on this very bench with my ex.


Point is, even though he isn’t around anymore, my life still goes on. And for the first time since everything, I realized, I’m okay. I’m finally okay. I’m in the same exact position I was half a year ago: sitting on a bench with a guy, talking about life, sharing childhood stories and secrets. The only difference is, I’m not the same girl I was 7 months ago.

I know it sounds cliche like “oh I’m such a different person now after my breakup” but it’s not the breakup that changed me. It posed as a catalyst for me to make new friends, find a hobby, and experience the college scene but the common denominator in everything here is me.

I made a conscious effort to find myself after losing part of me in a relationship and I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. Everything feels like the end of the world in the moment but in hindsight, some of the most heart wrenching moments just feel like a small lump of nostalgia in your throat.

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