Winged Liner in 4 steps


liner 1

1. Line across eye. It’s easier if you start at the center of the eye and inch your way out, use small strokes instead of drawing one consecutive line. tip: lining the outer 2/3 of eye instead of going all the way into the tear duct will give a more natural appearance and make eyes appear larger

liner 3.22.18 PM

2. Draw a line 45° from the corner of your eye. You can also follow the angle of your lash line all the way up as seen with the red dotted line. This helps make sure your wing is not too steep or droopy. Notice there is a little gap between the first line you drew and the 2nd one.

liner 2

3. Fill in the gap by connecting the 2 lines you applied. Draw in the direction going towards the nose using small strokes. This gives you more control and ensures you don’t accidently over wing.

liner 4

4. Finally, starting at the tip of that wing, add a tiny flick outwards to sharpen out that wing. tip: If you want more control over the flick, instead of picking up more product, use the left over residue on the brush and choose where you want the wing to end and draw in towards the nose. Since you’re not picking up more product, the end will look less defined, giving it that feathery, tapered look.  Please like and share!

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